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Good-Time Rock & Roll

The Waybacks: Making your event
an experience to remember!

The Waybacks bring the magic of live good-time rock and roll music and dancing to your event!  Your favorite hits—from the 50s to today, focusing on the great hits of the 60s and 70s—spring to life in a crowd-pleasing, all-ages experience.

What songs:  See our Play List to see and hear some of our songs.  The Waybacks strike a balance between oldies and newer songs, slow songs and rockers, to please the crowd and keep them dancing.

For:  Anyone!  These are the headliner hits we all grew up with, and they’re irresistible for all ages, from toddlers to grandparents.

When: Day or night, winter or summer, whenever you want to get everyone together and have fun.  Call it a dance, a sock hop, a birthday, a reunion, a social, a fundraiser, a corporate or association meeting, a benefit...or simply a party.

Where:  Your place!  The Waybacks have successfully played all over the Northwest in private homes, hotel ballrooms, community centers, clubhouses, and churches, indoors or out.

Who:  Four guys and a gal who love to entertain.

How much:  Surprisingly affordable, since we all have professional “day jobs.”  We will work with you to fit your entertainment budget.

Setup: The Waybacks are completely self-contained, with our own lights, amps, and speakers.  You provide one or two standard electrical outlets and space to set up and dance, and we provide the show.

Order your rock & roll today!

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